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Connecting to the right people is the best way to elevate your brand. Here at The Connection Shop, everything we do drives your brand forward by building those priceless connections.

What we do

Lots of shops can deliver excellent work, and we’ll proudly put ourselves in that “does amazing work” camp. But bigger than that, it’s how we do it. Strategy that puts people front and center.


Content, copywriting and showstopping storytelling. We’ll spotlight your brand with messaging, web content, brand style, email marketing, marketing strategy, social media and so much more. Because you deserve communication that really connects, and that’s where our heart lies.


You need to grab their attention, and we’ll help you steal the show. Visual branding, web design, collateral, graphics, you name it. Your brand deserves to look remarkable across every platform — and your people deserve design that resonates. 



Building the marketing plan and executing the marketing plan. Need a total rockstar to accomplish it all, and be a part of your team? You’ve got it. The Connection Shop is your full-service marketing workshop, managing and executing every piece of your marketing game. Forget coordination stress, because working with us will be the most joyful part of your day.

The Connection Shop story

Marketing is about bringing people together. It’s about the power and impact of connection. Good communication is more than a megaphone, it’s a magnet. Good marketing builds resilient relationships. Agreed? Then we’re the marketing partner of your dreams. 

When your organization is connected to the right people, there’s no limit to what you can achieve, earn or do.

Hey! I’m Sarah Koci Scheilz, the founder and Chief Creative Officer of The Connection Shop. I’m an entrepreneur, writer, leader and a resilient optimist dedicated to helping your organization come to life and make meaningful impact. Picture one part Leslie Knope and one part Peggy Olson, and you’ve got me. My team and I bring the skill and dedication you need to achieve real marketing results.

We’re just as enthusiastic about your brand as you are.


With more than 10 years of really happy clients, you’re going to smile pretty big too when you partner with The Connection Shop. But don’t take our word for it. Check out our client testimonials about previous marketing work.

Clear about our "Why"

“Sarah was referred to me by someone else who works in her space and that in and of itself was a clue to her brilliance. She listened to our goals, interviewed key stakeholders and made sure she was clear about our Why. We have been exceptionally pleased with the results of her work and look forward to a long-standing relationship!”

Tracey Passantino

Co-Founder & President | Aureus

Increase online presence

“It is amazing how many potential team members I talk to who research us and give kudos on our online presence.”

Damon Anderson

CEO & Co-Founder | Tallgrass Freight CO.

Professionalism, warmth and quality

“In over 20 years of working with writers, Sarah is the best combination of professionalism, warmth, and quality work I have ever encountered.”

Heather Werle

Content Marketer | Canopy

Lead with relationships

“I’ve worked alongside bigger firms and agencies for marketing help, but there’s something about those bigger organizations that misses the mark. I know Sarah and her team lead with relationships, which is one thing to say but another to enact on a day-to-day basis.”

Will Severns

CEO | Qwill Creative

Invaluable creative insight

“The Connection Shop’s hard work and dedication did not go unnoticed. We truly appreciate all the time and effort put into the new content. Their creative insight has been invaluable.”

Nathan Vogele

Marketing Solutions Architect | Jubilant Digital

You’re closer than ever to the marketing partner of your dreams

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