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Rock-Solid Recruitment

Employer Branding That Attracts Top Talent

You certainly want to find the right people to build your staff. But without a talent development marketing strategy in place, it’s too easy to miss out on top candidates. 

Ever felt stressed while sorting through subpar applications? Ever winced as a great team member left for greener pastures? Then you know the pain of leaving your talent development communication to chance. Yikes! 

But with our help, you can cultivate a better talent pipeline AND a world-class team. As an employer branding agency, we’ll partner with you to create a modern, intentional approach to building your team that targets the candidates you want. With powerful company culture marketing materials, rock-solid recruitment and retention strategies, and more, your team can become what truly sets your organization apart.


Our Employer Branding Services Include:

Recruitment Branding
  • Overall brand messaging
  • Graphic and visual design
  • Job descriptions
  • Employee manuals
  • Style guides
  • Brand identity and rebranding
Content Marketing
  • Website and landing page content
  • Social media
  • Email campaigns
  • Blog writing
  • Advertising collateral
  • SEO
Strategy & Creative Direction
  • Company Culture marketing strategy
  • Marketing plan development
  • Content calendar and editorial planning
  • Email sequencing
  • Campaign creation
Talent Development Marketing Leadership
  • Long-term strategic recruitment and retention planning 
  • Day-to-day talent development marketing execution
  • Analytics reporting

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Who We Serve

We work with a variety of organizations across multiple industries. If you’re trying to get noticed by quality candidates and build a strong team, we can help! 

No matter the industry, our clients are people-oriented, driven and hungry to grow. Whether it’s building more customers, making more community impact or hiring top talent, our clients love how we come right alongside for bringing goals to life.


Nationwide Companies


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“Sarah was referred to me by someone else who works in her space and that in and of itself was a clue to her brilliance. She listened to our goals, interviewed key stakeholders and made sure she was clear about our Why. We have been exceptionally pleased with the results of her work and look forward to a long-standing relationship! ”
Tracey Passantino
"It is amazing how many potential team members I talk to who research us and give kudos on our online presence."
Damon Anderson
Tallgrass Freight Co.
“In over 20 years of working with writers, Sarah is the best combination of professionalism, warmth, and quality work I have ever encountered.”
Heather Werle
“I’ve worked alongside bigger firms and agencies for marketing help, but there’s something about those bigger organizations that misses the mark. I know Sarah and her team lead with relationships, which is one thing to say but another to enact on a day-to-day basis.”
Will Severns
Qwill Creative
“The Connection Shop’s hard work and dedication did not go unnoticed. We truly appreciate all the time and effort put into the new content. Their creative insight has been invaluable.”
Nathan Vogele
Jubilant Digital

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